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Summer Home Learning

Summer assignments we will be as follows:
•iStation 30 minutes a day (rotating the days for different content areas e.g: Mon-Reading, Tues-Math, Wed-Spanish).
•Students will select a book of their choice to read during the summer.
◦Students should also complete a product to show what they read, such as a book summary, book report or poster.
•Reflex math 3 times a week until green light illuminates in the upper right corner of the screen
◦(Reflex is the most effective system tor mastering basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for grades 2 and up)
•Khan Academy the Mission Foundations for the new corresponding grade.
•Science Grades 5th through 8th choose one of the three summer assignments:
◦Science News Summary
◦New Explorations in world science
◦Biology summer experience.

You can reward students who come back to school next year school-wide, by grade, and by subject area.