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About our Academics
BridgePrep Academy of Village Green follows the standards and objectives stated in the Language Arts Florida Standards, Mathematics Florida Standards, and the Science and Social Studies Next Generation Sunshine State Standards. The curriculum encompasses the core subject areas of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. In addition, we offer Art, Music, Physical Education, and one hour of Spanish daily.

In the subject of English Language Arts, Reading Wonders (McGraw-Hill) is being utilized as the core text. In Mathematics, Go Math! Florida Common Core Edition (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) is being utilized. For science, Science Fusion Florida Edition (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) is being utilized. For social studies, Time for Kids magazine is being utilized. For Spanish, the core text titled, Muy Bien! (Double R Publishing, LLC), is utilized.

Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS):
BridgePrep Academy of Village Green personnel will provide a system of multi-tiered supports for students designed to maximize each individual student’s academic potential. These supports include opportunities for remediation and academic support through targeted interventions as well as for acceleration through participation in our classes.

Academic support intervention is intended as a resource for educators to assist in integrating academic and behavior supports and services for all students. The MTSS model for instruction and intervention is based on the principle that academic and behavioral supports are first provided at a core or universal level to effectively address the needs of all students in a school (referred to as Tier I). However, not all students respond to the same curricula and teaching strategies. As a result, some students with identified needs will receive supplemental or targeted instruction and intervention at Tier II. Finally, at Tier III, a few students with the most severe needs will receive the most intensive and individualized behavioral and/or academic support.

Gifted Program
Our Gifted program offers acceleration and enrichment for our gifted students. Project based learning is encouraged to build organization skills and to stimulate the students’ minds. The aim of the Gifted program is to teach the standards with in-depth knowledge of the topic while challenging the students in the process. We envision that this program will assist our students in fostering a love for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

At BridgePrep Academy the STEAM curriculum is infused throughout the day. Students will be exposed to an interdisciplinary curriculum that includes Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM). The curriculum will address multiple intelligences and individual learning styles to meet the diverse needs in the 21st century. Students will be challenged with project-based activities and real world connections and practitioners throughout each academy of study. The curriculum will place emphasis on Science and Technology, interpreted through Engineering and the Arts, all based in Mathematical elements. A framework for teaching that is based on natural ways of learning, customizable for ALL types of students and programs that are FUNctional! The STEAM academy’s scope and sequence will be designed and aligned to strand and Technical programs and certifications being offered at the local and top performing high schools.

STEAM is proving successful in schools all around the world to better teach academic and life skills in a standards-based, reality-based, personally relevant exploratory learning environment. It is adaptable, strong, bench-marked, measurable, and reinforces NCLB and state standards and integrates with the Common Core in unique and engaging ways. It is backed with the major educational philosophies, classroom management and assessment strategies. It promotes deeper understanding and transference of knowledge across the subjects. It is used for developing model educational programs to create functionally literate people by increasing the depth and breadth of proficiency in all students and educators and the communities they influence. It works by expanding a program’s current lesson plans into STEAM plans for more realistic discovery and innovation for all types of learners.