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All students must wear school uniforms. The colors of our uniform are as follows: tops are light blue, or white with our school logo on the top right hand side. Collars must have the appropriate line stitching. Bottoms are navy blue with BP stitched in rear pocket.
  1. All uniforms must be of the proper colors with our school’s logo on the right hand side of the shirt.
  2. All boys’ shirts must be tucked in and not worn in a “baggy” fashion. Pants have to be worn at the waist.
  3. All pants that have belt loops must be worn with a belt. A belt that is long and hangs from the waist is not acceptable.
  4. Skirts or jumpers must be of a modest length. A modest length means that, if a girl kneels, her skirt or jumper must be no more than two inches above the floor.
  5. Winter jackets must be a navy blue jacket or fleece, with no graphics.6. Sneakers/Shoes must match school colors (navy-blue, white and/or white.) Shoes may have laces or Velcro; socks are mandatory. No open toe shoes.
If a student is not in the required school uniform, the student will be sent to the office. In the office, the parents/guardians will be called and asked to bring the required uniform to school. Students will not be permitted to class without the uniform. A student will receive a uniform violation form.

Uniform Referral

After 3 uniform violations, a referral will be issued.

Uniform Purchase

Visit Ibiley Uniform Store to purchase your BridgePrep Acadmy uniforms. All polos and pants must be purchased through Ibiley Uniforms. Uniforms packages are available; you can purchase it in person at:

Ibiley locations:
11530 SW 120th Street
Miami, FL 33186
10564 SW 8th Street
Miami, FL 33174